It is advised you name your subnation the same as your campaign. ex  david4alberta, electjohndoe etc.

I will be notified once you have set up a subnation. We can then work at having your candidate webpage created, and properly linked.

ONCE YOU HAVE CREATED YOUR SUBNATION: please visit and have a paypal account created for your Constituency Association. Instructions should be in the Candidate guide. This will require a bank account to be set up first (in the name of your CA, not the candidate). Please set up online banking, this makes resolving PayPal issues much easier. Once the writ is dropped, you can create a bank account specifically for the campaign but we can use the same paypal account. We can simply (and temporarily) disconnect the CA bank account, and connect the Candidate bank account.

Please do not sign up more than one nation per candidate. For questions, please contact Jeremy Dutton 403 465-5658 or

Start your new nation.