Rutherford Club


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Eligible Contributor is defined as:

  • A resident of Alberta
  • We cannot accept payment from or issue tax receipts to: Towns, Villages, Municipalities, School Divisions or Societies, Corporations, trade unions or employee organizations

Note: Un-incorporated groups must have receipts issued in the names of individuals or partners (i.e. Lawyers, Accountants).  

Summary of Maximum Contributions - Annually
$15,000 to the Party.
$1,000 to a Constituency, but not more than $5,000 in total to all Constituencies.
Note: Contributions over $250.00 are made public by the Chief Electoral Officer. 

More details about con contribution limits, please see the Election Alberta website

Cheques can be made out to the Alberta Liberal Party by completing this form and mailed to the office. For further inquires as to how to donate please call 403 909 6000.